HAPPY EVERYTHING | sleeping in and crying in my car.
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sleeping in and crying in my car.

hey, hi, good morning! i’ve lived in the springs for almost a month now and i think i’ve slept more than i have in the last three years. rest, (both literal, physical rest and spiritual rest) has become a new priority in my life and wow, omg, this matters. rest is great, like I love a good nap. but spiritual rest, that’s a little scary. it’s a little risky. because to rest is to trust. it’s me saying ‘okay, i have nothing. i have removed myself from everything that was comfortable and here i am waiting for you to move, god’ and to be real, this has been hard. lots of praying and crying in my car listening to glory and wonder over and over and over again. but, i need to keep reminding myself that this has been really cool! i’ve seen god provide. like legitimately have seen him show up with answers to questions, solutions to problems.

god knows you and knows your heart and is running ahead of you, planning things for your success, for my success. take it easy, enjoy today, and rest and trust in the promise.

‘at days end, i’m ready for sound sleep, for you God, have put my life together’ psalm 4:8

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